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Weddings Cape Verde

Wedding Services on Sal Island under review - July 2020

Wedding Services - Notice

July 2020 - It has been necessary to reassess the delivery of our wedding services we offer on Sal. Our circumstances, the situation caused by the pandemic, the uncertainty about flights, travel, tourism and hotel bookings are key factors to making necessary changes to our service.

The services we have previously offered in association with hotels, at hotel venues, is uncertain. The hotels are currently all closed to tourism, some with just a skeleton staff remaining for necessary duties, or a few providing accommodation for those in isolation or other approved purpose.The changes being imposed on hotels in preparation for re-opening, could affect future bookings for our wedding services, making it too complicated for us to provide the same service, as previously offered.

The situation at hotel venues may change or be adapted to accommodate fewer tourists. A beach ceremony or an after ceremony reception at a hotel venue may have restrictions, or may not be too complicated to deliver. We would also be unable to provide the additional time and resources to work with a hotel venue to deliver this type of service.

As it will no longer be necessary to have a physical presence here on Sal to make all pre-ceremony arrangements with a hotel for a 'friends and family' ceremony and service, it will not necessary to remain on the island permanently.

We still hope at least, to be able to continue providing our ' Simplicity' ceremony for couples, as very little equipment is required and we still have a small team of people on Sal that can can deliver a small ceremony reading. However, this will depend on whether the regulatory authorities, who control the beaches and permission for events, will allow these ceremonies to take place. We may need to comply with restrictions or new conditions for the delivery of this service. We will need to assess the situation when it becomes clearer.

Please be patient while we await updates and, for us to update our wedding pages. The information below has yet to be updated!

Thank you.

Weddings, Ceremonies and Services on Sal Island.

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Sal Island Wedding Ceremonies

Cape Verde Tips only provides a service for non-legal marriages such as Marriage Blessing or Renewal of Vows, these are ceremonies performed either by the Pastor of the Evangelical Church or they can be performed by a Layperson. 

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Civil Marriage Ceremonies

In 2012 we were informed that tourists were required to be in Cape Verde for at least 30 days before they could have a Legal Civil Ceremony. We do not provide a service that will help arrange Civil marriages with the authorities.

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'Friends & Family'

Another couple celebrate with a symbolic blessing with 'Family and Friends'. These are held on the beach in association with one of the front line hotels in Santa Maria, usually followed by dinner/bufftet and cocktails at their beach bar at ' Bar da Praia'.

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'Simplicity Package'

This is our most popular service on Sal. Our decorated wedding arch and ceremony table for couples wanting a simple but personal ceremony. Couples choose from one of our readings or use their own. The reading usually is performed by a Layperson (one of our team), on occasion by a Pastor. More Info on Simplicity Ceremony.

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Pre or post marriage service

Those that have already had a Civil ceremony before coming to Sal can have a symbolic marriage ceremony, renewal of vows ceremony or choose a 'Love and Devotion' ceremony. Alternatively, you can have a pre-marriage ceremony or 'Newly Wed' ceremony reading.

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Religious Marriage Blessing Ceremonies

More formal religious ceremonies are performed by a Pastor of the Evangelical Church. The Pastor will use the Matrimonial ceremony reading of the Church of the Nazarene. The Pastor performs the reading in Portuguese, non-Portuguese speakers will need a translator too.

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Symbolic Ceremonies with Layperson

Ceremonies can be held at or near to venues. The Love and Devotion readings are a romantic gesture of poems or readings. You can also choose personal readings for renewals and blessings or use the matrimonial ceremony reading of the Church.

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'Love and Devotion Reading'

If wanting a reading less religious or more symbolic for your own personal preference, in celebration of your commitment to one another, then perhaps a 'Love and Devotion' reading is something you would prefer.

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The Evangelical Church

We would be able to arrange a Religious Marriage Blessing or  Renewal of Vows for couples with the Evangelical Church if they are visiting Sal for a one or two week holiday or honeymoon.

The Evangelical Church (the Church of the Nazarene) is not recognised by Cape Verde Law for providing legal marriages on the islands, therefore this type of blessing cannot be registered or Notarised in Cape Verde or in most other countries, including the UK. This religious marriage blessing by the Evangelical Church is a marriage blessing which has been performed on the islands of Cape Verde for many years. The Pastor of the Evangelical Church has no legal power to marry couples in a Civil Marriage. He will however, bless the couple in a marriage ceremony in a ritual that symbolises a marriage.

If you are considering having a legal civil marriage performed in Cape Verde you would need to make enquiries in person at the Notary where you can ask all the appropriate questions and make your own arrangements with them for your Civil ceremony.

The Church itself is simple. A few couples have chosen to have a blessing or renewal held there. Chris and Anne (photo on left) said it was more meaningful to them to have their marriage renewed by the Pastor at the Church and, had chosen Cape Verde as the place where they wanted to have their service.

Further info

We have previously been able to offer our services and ceremonies on the island of Boavista, however due to a number of logistical other problems, we are unable to provide these services on Boavista, or any other island.

Additional information about our services on Sal can be found within this page and links within the side menu.

Request for information

We are not able to respond to some requests instantly. Requests may require more detailed replies, research and contacting partners who also may not be able to respond instantly. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. It is important that you read through the various pages on our website and those within the Secure Zone. We have endeavoured to provide most of the information on the website however, there are some queries received that we haven't provided answers to before, which we may then add to FAQ's.

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Our Secure Zone - Weddings

We offer services in Santa Maria for couples that are staying in hotels or other accommodation on the island of Sal. We also provide services in Santa Maria for those who are staying at Melia Dunas and Melia Tortuga, Llana Resorts or staying at other hotels and resorts on Sal. We arrange transport from your hotel for you and your guests to take you to a beach venue of your choice. We do not provide services for guests staying at the Riu Touareg, Riu Karamboa, Royal Decameron, Iberostar Hotel, as these hotels are all on the island of Boavista.

NOTE: Please check which island you are visiting before filling in the form for Sal Island as you may have booked your holiday on one of the other islands. Once you have read the information on this page and opened the links to other informative pages about our wedding services, if you then decide you would like more information about our services on Sal Island, click on Wedding Services-Sal Island Secure Zone and fill in the enquiry form. Please choose a Username and Password that has more than 6 letters

You will find further information on the services within the secure zone about:

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We encourage you to look for updated information which we may provide from time to time, so register above and keep logging In/Out regularly. Use the links to the forms here to the secure zone for Sal island wedding services. Click here:

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Other useful information can be found in travel brochures, this website and books such as Cape Verde (Bradt Travel Guides) Amazone

If you wish to read more about Legal Marriages in Cape Verde with information obtained in 2012, click on: LEGAL MARRIAGES

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