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The long journey and continued development of the website 'Cape Verde Tips'.

The choosing of various web hosts and web designers for Cape Verde Tips

Cheryl Thomas - Tuesday, July 12, 2016
The choosing of various web hosts and web designers for Cape Verde Tips

My first website - Cape Verde Tips. I paid one online company to make my first website when I was still in UK, that was just before moving over to Sal Island early 2006.

I later decided that my website was growing and I needed to make it look more professional, that happened when I was living on Sal in Cape Verde.

My website upgrade

There was really only one person on Sal I knew could help me with the re-design of my website. He was Portuguese but he spoke very good English. So, I decided that I should use him instead of someone back in the UK as I knew I would learn better if I could watch what had to be done and needed someone to show me. The design of the new website had to be done by his partners in Portugal. I didn't give it much thought at the time but when it was being built and I could see the layout, I was impressed, but then it dawned on me that the 'back office' where I was being taught how to make some changes or upload items myself would be in Portuguese........ I didn't understand Portuguese! So in addition to not knowing anything about HTML, Java or any other words that mean nothing to me I had this to deal with this too. However, I did get to understand a few words and how to change things on my own and with some help from the guy on Sal, this helped save me some money as I didn't have to pay a web designer to make changes to my site on my behalf. With some persevering, I did manage to learn a little, enough to help me change a few page layouts, opying and moving things around, making new pages and uploading images.

My second website upgrade

That was in 2009. That came about after meeting someone visiting Sal in 2008 who told me about his brother's web design business and that it was more than just a web design business but that it used Adobe .....oh great I said..... what's that?..........that's for another webblog!

My third website upgrade

Is in progress. Work commenced in 2016. Read more within the other webblogs!

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