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The long journey and continued development of the website 'Cape Verde Tips'.

Migration of site to Eclipse Online Solutions - April 2009

Cheryl Thomas - Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Migration of site to Eclipse Online Solutions - April 2009

Hi Ed. After much consideration and weighing up the pros and cons as to who to chose to host my site, I have decided that I should go along with yourself and use Adobe Business Catalyst software with Eclipse Online Solutions. I think it is the right product for me to try at this time.

Chris has a already asked me for the info that you will need to make the transfer and I have agreed the price and terms with him. I have forwarded the domain name, hosting renewal date, username and password to Chris.

Before anything is done I just want to make you aware that a week last Friday when I was working on my site I deleted the whole Links section by mistake and my current website hosts had no back up. Other from the open page for the Links, that is all I have left. In some ways I was fortunate I hadn't pressed the F5 button to update and save the page, so at least I have something. I do not have a recent back up of my pages but I will look at doing that tomorrow, so give me a few days to sort that.

Hi Cheryl

Welcome aboard!!!!! I really think this is your best way forward.

So just to confirm - it's to transfer your website over to the new software only, with no changes leaving your site exactly as it is?

Once we get this set up you will be more than happy with this system.

Another great thing with our product is that you can rollback the pages on your website so if you do something like that you will not lose it.

Also you will be able to work on your site whenever you require as we will have an account access also so it will not interfere with you.

We also need off you, the name of your server and hosting plan please.

Speak soon ED

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