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Some things are worth waiting for!

Cheryl Thomas - Monday, February 13, 2017
Some things are worth waiting for!

A number of fishing operators offer trips to go Deep Sea Fishing from Sal Island. Cape Verde provides the ideal conditions for catching blue marlin and tuna (big game) which can be caught during several months of the year. Read on about Craig's experience.

Hi Cheryl ,

The recent catch in your main photo of this blog was a tuna. I left this with the skipper for his family.

We've visited Sal on 9 occasion's over the last 5 years and I have been shore fishing on Ponta Preta beach on each visit, catching lots of small fish but it's very rocky there. Because of this I have often lost lots of terminal tackle and, unfortunately some larger fish (honestly). Those I did catch, I took back to my wife Sharon (Head Chef!) to cook she has then provided us with some tasty meals.

At the end of 2016, the breakwater project on the west coast was completed, this now allows for better fishing avoiding the rocks and, there is a greater variety of fish.

I've spoken recently to other angler's who have had success using bottom tactic's, float fishing fly fishing .

Last year I tried a half day jigging boat trip with no luck, however a Dutch angler caught a 20lb Amberjack.

I have paid 100 Euros for these half day trips, this seems to be the going rate if there are 4 angler's per boat .

TIP 1 :

If you are already in Cape Verde make sure you don't get scammed by someone who approaches you on the street and try's to sell you a fishing trip. Use an established tour operator or Fishing Excursion business operator.

Last year I overheard an English couple who had paid in advance in full to an African chap, who told them to meet a skipper that nobody had heard of to fish on a boat that did not exist!

On my recent trip I fished with another guy who paid 50 Euros to an African chap that approached him in a restaurant. He was given a false ticket then had to pay the full price of 100 Euros to the boat owner before he was allowed aboard. He obviously never got his 50 Euros back!

TIP 2:

If searching for Deep Sea Fishing online, look for an established websites promoting fishing trips.

I was informed by the recent skipper on my trip that there are only 4 registered charter fishing boats in Santa Maria at the time of my writing this.



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