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News 2019 - Websites - Update April 2019

News 2019 - Websites - Update April 2019


It was announced in early 2018 that the Adobe Management System that I use for both websites would cease in 2020, so having already paid for an upgrade of the Cape Verde Tips site in 2017, a new management system will need to be found as an alternative for one or both sites. This means the Cape Verde Tips site will need to be migrated to another system with a new set of templates and re-organised, with a considerable amount of time needed to fit square pegs in round holes and with further cost implications.

The Expats Cape Verde website will also need to be migrated, if kept operational, however this site may now be downgraded to a much simpler and less costly system. Both will require extensive preparatory work.

As part of the preparation and workload commitments needed for both sites, it was decided that the free monthly newsletter, which was a joint newsletter reaching subscribers of both websites, would cease and see its last issue in June 2019.


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