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News 2020 - Cape Verde - Covid-19 Updates - From : 17th March 2020

News 2020 - Cape Verde - Covid-19 Updates - From : 17th March 2020


I know you have concerns about COVID-19, not just at home but abroad. At the end of this text you will find updates on what is happening in Cape Verde since the flight ban was introduced on 17th March.

Here on the ground on Sal Island, some hotels have shut their doors, just looking after remaining guests, other hotels and resorts will follow suit. Restaurants and bars, businesses and services are also going to find it difficult in Cape Verde, many will need to close. Please give some thought also, for the people that won't be able to work for the foreseeable future due to operational cut backs and closures of services and business, or of those that work as self-employed. Most have relied on tourism on Sal to earn money.  

There are also many others that will continue to work to provide a service and they will need protection in one form or another, such as those working at the local Pharmacy in Santa Maria, where clear screens were fitted on the counter between staff and public. There are other steps being taken by other service providers and businesses to protect their staff, so all types of businesses and services will be affected to varying degrees.

Stay safe everyone, wherever you are.

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Covid-19 - LAST UPDATED - 2nd April 2020 at 20:30hrs:

- The President of the Republic has already initiated contacts in order to decide whether or not to extend the state of emergency, which entered into force on 29 March, lasting 20 days, due to the pandemic of COVID-19. (Expresso das Ilhas - 7.4.20)

- The onset of Covid-19 will happen later in the lusophone countries: Cabo Verde should reach the first 1.000 cases between April 17-27 and the first 10.000 around May 5-17. (Macauhub 3.4.20)

- A little bit of Cape Verde (Google Video - Cape Verde Tips)

- Seven suspected cases of covid-19 on the island of Sao Vicente are negative (Opais - 6.4.20)

- Baptista de Sousa Hospital admits flaws in the process of the patient infected with COVID-19 - Minister of Health (Expresso das Ilhas 5.4.20)  

- 1st to 5th April 2020 - Santa Maria (Google Album by Cape Verde Tips)

- Questions asked over the non-identification of covid-19 sooner on a patient on Sao Vicente. (Noticias do Norte - 5.4.20)

- Minister of Health details confirmed case of Covid-19, in São Vicente. (Opais - 4.4.2020)

- The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, announced today that around 179 nurses have been recruited to strengthen the national health system, in all municipalities in the country, to combat COVID-19. (Expresso-das-Ilhas - 3.4.20)

- The test for covid-19 on a person on Sal Island has proved to be negative........... It is now the fifth day without new positive cases of Covid-19, in Cape Verde, however there are two new suspects, one in Praia on the island of Santiago and the other on Boa Vista. (Opais - 2.4.20)

- Jurist says that the police acted badly when apprehending vehicles just because they were circulating on public roads (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.4.20)

- CVII reschedules trips to supply the islands (Opais - 28.320)

- Lack of transport makes COVID-19 screening tests difficult. Altogether there are seven suspected cases that have not yet been tested due to the lack of air and sea connections between the islands. Six are in Boa Vista and one in São Vicente. The rest, whose results were not yet known, were negative for coronavirus. (Expresso das Ilhas - 1.4.2020)

- Seven more samples arrived from Boa Vista, but the good news is that there are no new positive cases. Of the 4 suspected cases referenced yesterday, two were negative and the remainder are still in progress. (Opais - 31.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 30.3.2020

- The National Director of Health brought to Covid-19 the usual balance sheet, “two novelties”, the first of which the only suspicious case that expected the result was negative and that Cape Verde currently registers four more cases suspects, two in the city of Praia, one in Boa Vista and another on the island of Sal. (Opais - 30.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 29.3.2020

Decree Law No.36/2020 - 28th March 2020 Decree Law No.36/2020 - 28th March 2020 (137 KB)

- State of emergency does not immediately restrict rights, but conditions are created for that - prosecutor (Sapo - 28.3.2020)

- One more positive case on the island of Boavista (Opais - 28.3.20)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 28th March 2020

-  What does this State of Emergency mean (News - 2020- 28.3.2020)

Presidential decree goes into effect at zero on Sunday, and lasts until midnight on April 17th, a measure taken in “conscience and sense of responsibility”, says President Jorge Carlos Fonseca. The Head of State has already announced that a presidential decree will institute a state of emergency regime, which will take effect from midnight today, for a period of 20 days.  

- The President of the Republic of Cape Verde has received all the powers necessary to declare a state of emergency and should speak to the nation today at 11.30 am. Further info will be posted after 11.30a.m. as to what he has stated. (Opais 2.3.2020)            

PR has just listened to the State Council and is now waiting for Parliament's decision to declare a state of emergency due to Covid-19, which may happen tomorrow morning (Opais - 27.3.2020)

- A State of emergency may be declared today in Cape Verde re- Covid-19  (Opais 27.4.2020)

- The Government of Cape Verde today presented the official Coronavirus website, which aims to provide permanent and updated information to the population. (29.3.2020)

- The wife of the man on Santiago that tested positive for Covid-19, has also tested positive. (Expresso das Ilhas - 26.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 26th March 2020  (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- New restrictive measures are toughened from midnight onwards, throughout the Cape Verdean territory, in force for three weeks, until April 17. (Opais - 26.3.2020)

- New suspected cases on the islands of Boa Vista, Santo Antao, S. Vicente and Santiago (Mindelinsite - 26.3.2020)

- Prime Minister announces measures taken by the Crisis Office this Thursday (Noticia do Norte - 25.3.2020)

- The Cape Verde Government announces on national television, a mandatory quarantine has been decreed on the island of Boavista  (Opais - 25.3.2020)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 25th March 2020 (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 24th March 2020 (Google Album - by Cape Verde Tips)

- Covid-19. Crisis office to announce quarantine measures for Santiago island following the first positive case of Covid-19 on the city of Praia. (Santiago magazine - 25.3.2020)

- Cape Verde Government steps in to give support to companies - 24.3.2020

- A 62yr old English tourist on the Island of Boavista dies from Covid-19 (24.3.2020)

- NHS Doctors and Nurses appeal to people in the UK ...... Please Stay at Home (BBC News - 22.3.2020)

- Cape Verdeans will be repatriated from Lisbon, Portugal to Sal Monday 23rd March and will be quarantined (Inforpress 23.3.20)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 22nd March 2020 (Cape Verde Tips - Google Album)

- Out and About - Santa Maria - 21st March 2020 (Cape Verde Tips - Google Album)

- Repatriation flights of TUI and Thomas Cook (European not UK) tourists continue in Sal, under security measures (TCV - 20.3.2020)

- Repatriation flights from TUI being sent in to take people off Sal Island today Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd. Passengers due to leave Sal later this week are being contacted and told they are to leave on earlier flights. Check your emails, phone messages and TUI website, or see if you can't speak to someone at TUI in person. Some passengers due to fly to Bristol Tue 24th are leaving sooner on a flight Saturday 22nd to London Gatwick. Photo below taken 9.50a.m. 23rd March 2020. Having been informed by TUI that they would need to be on and earlier departure flight from Sal leaving Monday 23rd, some people arrived at the airport early, knowing there would be long queues for flights due depart in the afternoon. NOTE: Today's flight departures from Sal may be the last for some time.

Exodus off Sal on what TUI UK refer to as rescue flights 23.3.20

- Cape Verde Tips - GOOGLE ALBUM - Santa Maria 21.3.2020

- US volunteers test first vaccine (BBC News - 17.3.20)

- Further measures have been introduced in Cape Verde today which include the banning of use of public beaches (Expresso das Ilhas - 20.3.20)

- The island of Boavista is in quarantine until April 4th says the Primeminister of Cape Verde (Opais 20.3.20)

- Covid-19: Cape Verde registers its' first case of Covid-19 on the island of Boavista (Opais 20.3.20)

- Cape Verde may enter into recession if tourism falls close to 30% - S&P (Expresso das Ilhas - 19.3.20)

- How to make your own alcohol hand sanitizer (UK Healthline)

- Covid-19: Ministry of Health announces six more new suspected cases in the country (Sapo CV - 19.3.20) ALSO Expresso das Ilhas -19.3.20

- Hotels on Sal consider closing for 3 months - hundreds of workers unemployed (Noticias do Norte - 18.3.20)

- Hotels on the island of Sao Vicente and other Cape Verde islands register Hotel cancellations (Inforpress - 18.3.20)

- Visa suspension for 19 European countries in Cape Verde suspended (Sapo 25 - 17.3.20)

-Embassies and consulates in Cape Verde begin to close (Mundo ao Minuto 1.3.20)

- Covid-19: Government guarantees that Cape Verde has a stock of food products (Inforpress 18.3.20)

- Flight cancellation - TUI (Independent - 17.3.20)

- Articles posted in Expresso Das Ilhas news.

Flight ban introduced in Cape Verde

Quoted from announcement yesterday by Prime Minister, José Ulisses Correia e Silva 17th March 2020

Considering the situation of the epidemic in Portugal and several other countries of Europe; in the USA, Brazil and certain African countries, the government decides (with effect from tomorrow, March 18th): It is prohibited to dock cruises and sailing ships and the landing of passengers in Cape Verde Ports. The landing of crew arriving at Cape Verde Ports on cargo, fishing and similar ships is prohibited.

Ban air links with Portugal and all European countries marked with the of 19 epidemic and with the USA, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria. The Ban is for a period of three weeks. It may be anticipated or extended as the epidemic has developed in these countries. The Ban, cargo flights and return flights of citizens on holiday or in service in Cape Verde to their countries of origin or residence.

Urgent medical evacuations and supplies of hospital medicines, materials and consumables in an emergency regime will be covered and guaranteed under health flights.



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