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News 2020 - Cape Verde - August

News 2020 - Cape Verde - August


News from Cape Verde - August 2020

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August News: The links below will take you to the full articles that appear in the news during August 2020, which are uploaded onto this page every day (when possible).

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4th - Work continues on new the HOTEL RIU PALACE SANTA MARIA, Sal Island. It is due to open in 2021. This video was taken Aug 4th 2020. (Taken from August Album - Cape Verde Tips)

4th - According to the Ministry, in the last 24 hours, 48 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the country, 35 of which were diagnosed in Praia, Santa Cruz and Tarrafal de Santiago with 2 each, São Salvador do Mundo , São Miguel and Ribeira Brava with 1 each and São Salvador do Mundo and Sal with 3 each. One death was recorded and 19 recoveries. (Opais - 4.8.20)

3rd - Another 36 new positive cases, all in Praia, Santiago. (Opais - 3.8.20)

3rd - Passengers stay on the ground on the first TAP flight between Lisbon and Cape Verde for not meeting requirements. (A Nacao - 3.8.20)

3rd - Another 15yr old girl drowns off shore on Boa Vista. (RIP. Condolences to her family and friends). (Noticial do Norte - 3.8.20) 

3rd - 29-year-old dies on Santa Maria beach. (Opais - 3.8.20) (RIP. Condolences to her family and friends). 

Maritime: CV InterIlhas launches mobile system for check-in. It is necessary to install the SmartBoarding system on a mobile device. (Noticias do Norte - 31.7.20)

3rd - TUI may organise a flight from Sal to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Please access this link for more information. (Google Doc - 3.8.20)  

2nd - The youngest person in Cape Verde died, victim of Covid-19. This is an 18-year-old man who was admitted to the Agostinho Neto Hospital, and lived in Cidade Velha. Santiago. According to OPAÍS.cv, it can be determined that the young person did not suffer from other diseases, but even so he evolved to a critical condition. (Opais - 2.8.20)

2nd - Covid-19: 63 positive cases, 12 on Sal and 51 on the island of Santiago. (Opais - 2.8.20)

2nd - After five months with the country closed, it is not certain when and in what manner the reopening will take place and it is unknown at what pace the tourism sector will resume. For small traders, these are painful times that have stopped years of growth. Some small businesses have reached their limit.  (Expresso das Ilhas - 2.8.20)

1st - In just 1 and a half months, at least 14 people have already been detained on Ilha do Sal for hunting turtles, a practice punishable under the Cape Verdean law.(Opais - 1.8.20)  

Please find below the link to information on the test results for Covid-19 for 1st August 2020. For further updates please follow 'Governo de Cabo Verde' on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/GovernodeCaboVerde/

Covid-19 Update - 1st Aug.2020 Covid-19 Update - 1st Aug.2020 (200 KB)

1st - Sal Island: Alex Saab visited Ramiro Alves hospital for alleged health problems. The Colombian businessman who is awaiting extradition in Cape Verde was in Hiace escorted by five other vehicles, which comprised a total of twenty special forces agents. (Inforpress - 1.8.20)

1st - Cabo Verde Broadcast, the company that manages DTT, Digital Terrestrial Television in the Archipelago, has programmed the beginning of the "blackout" of the analog signal, starting on the 17th of this August and terminate January 2021 (Opais - 1.8.20).


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