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Investment Opportunities Cape Verde

Investment Opportunities

There are investment opportunities on all the populated islands in Cape Verde.

Some people may have had unfortunate experiences with the purchase process and have tales to tell which may put potential buyers off from investing abroad. However there are many purchases that run smoothly, perhaps with a few hiccups along the way, but in all cases, seeking professional advice should always be encouraged.

The saga of buying and owning property abroad may evolve into further concerns after purchase, so please carry out due diligence prior and during the purchase process, even though you can't for-see everything that could or may happen in the future.

Some of the major developers will have people carrying out their own due diligence on behalf of the company, but you still should seek your own professional advice with other lawyers.

Please note that these pages and the information within them are taken from people's personal experiences and are not meant as a guide in investment.           

Details and Forms

Here we will upload a few forms used to help CV property owners process the setting up an Electra contract and a Form used to calculate and pay Tourist Tax for those that have rented an apartment from you. These forms will incur a small fee (when posted here online) if requested by owners.

Archive - Registration required

We have archived information in this section which we have paced in a secure zone. You will need to register to access these

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