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Information on and about Cape Verde that has been archived for reference purposes

Santiago Island - Praia - May 2008

Cheryl Thomas - Friday, May 30, 2008
Santiago Island - Praia - May 2008

On this occasion I was visiting a few islands with some other expat friends. In general, we found that we didn’t get as much hassle in Praia as in Mindelo (Sao Vicente). I was told that it may be because it has more Europeans and Business people living and working there, so perhaps that’s why we weren’t targeted as tourists.

We did a bit of shopping, mainly in the market area and the Loja Chinese, we weren't pestered by sellers but we did stand out to be easy targets for higher prices for clothes though.

I would pass on a word of caution to anyone visiting Santiago as there were a few instances where we realised things may have turned out differently. One of which was when a friend went back to the hotel with some of our shopping, a young lad came over and offered assistance. She realised there was something wrong and held onto her purse and the bags. She paid the taxi driver and walked away from the boy and into the foyer of the hotel. She had noticed a car nearby with two youths in it who were looking over. One of three businessmen who had been watching the incident came over and warned her to be very careful, he explained that there are opportunists who will grab things out of open windows, doors and car boots, then pass them on to third parties who are near by.

I have visited Praia and Santiago three times, on one other occasion there was another incident, on the third occasion it was a more pleasurable experience.


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