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Things are progressing slowly

Cheryl Thomas - Monday, September 25, 2017
Things are progressing slowly

Hi Ed. I started off this morning on one thing from the notes I took when we met. I was adding links within the Site Info page, but as usual I ended up going off in different directions, mainly due to the fact that I realised that there were some things I didn't have anything to link too.

I worked on that for a while then decided I needed to change the primary menu (again) and add or move things about. I added a new 'Contact Us' heading on it, with a sub menu, they will link to pages that will include individual contact forms, I'll set those forms up.

I've made a number of changes under the Cape Verde section within primary and sub menu titles, some page names, page titles and page info chopped and changed around, side menus and more content holders set up.

I was pleased that I achieved getting one content holder listed the way I wanted, fewer spaces and more compact, so that it didn't take up the whole length of the side column, then I set up copies of that code and made templates for all nine islands. These will go on the island info pages. I have a few people providing me updates for those, not all have provided the info I need yet but I know they will get round to it when they have time.

I have set up a videos page too, hope its ok to use others videos, some are much better videos than mine especially those on vimeo. I also placed a link on there to my 'capeverdetips' channel on YouTube too.

A friends son has designed me a new logo that will fit in the top left of website header. I gave him something to work on based on your logo and mine. He is sending it through soon and I will forward it onto you to upload in the appropriate position within the header. I still like the flower but not sure where that can go now.

I will start on the links within the Site Info page in the morning and take it from there for the rest of the day. I realise there is still lots to do with SEO, forms, descriptions and more to be added. I know I'm getting there slowly!

I know you are very busy the next two weeks but if you get chance to read through the other 'Dear Ed' blogs, if you can explain some of the things I can't work out,I will try and do them myself and let you know how I get on. Going to also try and find that very scary book I buried somewhere 10years ago called 'HTML for Dummies'!

Speak soon


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