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Robinson Club Cabo Verde – February 2020
Robinson Club Cabo Verde – February 2020
Cheryl Thomas - 29, Saturday, February 29, 2020

The new Robinson Club Cabo Verde opened its doors on 14th December 2019. The hotel and resort is situated on the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

robinson club view from reception to sea 

The Robinson Club Cabo Verde is an ‘Adults Only’ resort, attracting couples and single travelers over the age of 18years from all over the world.

TUI guests from Austria, Germany and Switzerland currently make up a large proportion of the guests staying at the Robinson Club Cabo Verde with other Tour Operators in the UK and other countries taking up the rest.

The guest accommodation consists of 307 rooms which include 16 suites. Within the vast grounds and open spaces there is a large gym facility which accommodates a group fitness room, a Body & Mind room for yoga & Pilates, indoor cycling and walking/jogging machines.

robinson club cabo verde fitness area 

In addition to this, there’s a WellFit spa area with rooftop sauna, Finnish sauna, bio sauna as well as rooms for massages and cosmetic treatments.

Massage and beauty treatment centre

The two outdoor swimming pools can be enjoyed by both non-swimmers and swimmers. There are shaded areas for relaxing in the sun or can choose to have your own Bali bed which can be shaded or non-shaded.

bali bed, robinson club cabo verde

Many of the staff at the Robinson Club Cabo Verde are those who were previously employed at the Crioulo Hotel before it closed down. All the staff enjoy the family philosophy of the Robinson Club. Don’t be surprised either, to see some of the management staff serving drinks, helping in the restaurant or joining in with the activities at Robcarpet, its’ all part of the Robinson Club philosophy.

Robcarpet - robinson club philosophy - cabo verde

On the beach you will find a water sports centre, where all the equipment is fitted with GPS. There is also a beach bar and a decked area for yoga.

robinson club cabo verde swimming pool

The buffet type service is exceptional and offers a range of fresh food to suit vegetarians, meat eaters; there are salads and healthy eating options too. The food presented and served will vary daily and, is cooked and presented in small dishes or plated, which are replenished constantly by the chef and staff at each service counter.

robinson club cabo verde buffet

There is an opportunity for external/non-hotel adult guests to enjoy the facilities and services offered at Robinson Club Cabo Verde, these can include the use of the gym and fitness area, WellFit spa, to go and see a show or use the bar. Others may want to come along for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or reserve a place at the Pousada (Tapas restaurant), or at the Dinner Robcarpet. There are also Full Day and Half Day reservations available to non-hotel guests, with or without meals included. All are available at different rates per person.

For reservations and further enquiries for the Robinson Club Cabo Verde please contact: fomanager.caboverde@robinson.com

Cape Verde Tips:www.capeverdetips.co.uk

Singer Tours - Sal Island
Singer Tours - Sal Island
Cheryl Thomas - 16, Thursday, May 16, 2019

This wasn't the regular type of tour offered by many, but one I thought you may be interested in. The tour included a visit to Sal island prison and Alto Santa Cruz. But firstly we had to be informed what this type of tour involved and about some of the items we could or shouldn't take. +

Cape Verde and what tourists or investors know about the islands
Cape Verde and what tourists or investors know about the islands
Cheryl Thomas - 28, Monday, August 28, 2017

I sometimes wonder how or when many of those that promote Cape Verde will start referring to the individual island in promotional business, travel articles or other. +

Sal Island - Ponta Sino - April 5th 2016
Sal Island - Ponta Sino - April 5th 2016
Cheryl Thomas - 06, Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I had walked down to Ponta Sino a number of occasions over the years, one big open space of land where the lighthouse was the only thing on it. However this was my first time to actually walk around the new construction being built there, of the hotel and resort called 'New Horizons'. +

My application for Residence - Part 3
My application for Residence - Part 3
Cheryl Thomas - 26, Friday, June 26, 2015

So the next Wednesday, 24th June (my 7th visit, but with no translator) I went back to the Nat.Police Station to hopefully collect my 6 month visa. The Police officer looked at my papers and there was note on there written by someone else saying I needed one particular document. +

My application for Residence - Part 2
My application for Residence - Part 2
Cheryl Thomas - 25, Thursday, June 25, 2015

Staff at each of the places I visited to apply for different documentation for my Residency told me a different day to call back for them the following week (i.e. it will be ready on Monday, ready in 3 days, ready by Wednesday, or in one week etc). I also needed to pay for a number of documents in advance.  +

My application for Residence - Part 1
My application for Residence - Part 1
Cheryl Thomas - 24, Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This was my first experience of applying for Residency in Cape Verde, on the island of Sal. I started the process in 2015 hoping that it wasn't going to be as time consuming as anticipated. Yeh right. This blog is in three parts! +

Marriage Blessings and Renewal of Vows
Marriage Blessings and Renewal of Vows
Cheryl Thomas - 14, Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Over the last few years I have received a number of queries about weddings in Cape Verde. Having looked into this, meeting with and speaking to the appropriate people, I decided to provide this service through the 'Cape Verde Tips' website. +