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Cape Verde and what tourists or investors know about the islands

Cheryl Thomas - Monday, August 28, 2017
Cape Verde and what tourists or investors know about the islands

I sometimes wonder how or when many of those that promote Cape Verde will start referring to the individual island in promotional business, travel articles or other.

Cape Verde Islands

I can do my bit on these websites by explaining about there being 9 inhabited Islands but I can't do anything about those that write articles, make comments or ask questions that don't specify or perhaps aren't clear about which island they are referring too. However, it's not just that!

I must admit, I too have sometimes started a response to a comment or question thinking that a question or comment is perhaps related to Sal Island or another island, even though it doesn't specify an island, only referring to 'Cape Verde'. I have also found it necessary to change info on some of my webpages which I produced several years ago, which also may have been misleading.

Yes, people can research more about Cape Verde and the islands, but it's unlikely everyone does that. I also know that many people still haven't heard of 'Cape Verde', Kap Vert, Cabo Verde.

I've had conversations where people think that Boavista is on Sal Island, emails asking about buying property in Cape Verde (not on a specific island). I've read answers to questions on other websites, where people aren't really thinking about the question properly before asking it. The questions themselves make me wonder whether the people asking them, don't know there are different islands, or whether they just are just being lazy. Then there are the answers I read to some of those questions.

If you don't get what I mean, its like asking:

Q: I am travelling to the Cape Verde in September, how far is the town from the airport?

Answer: Which island, which town?

Q: My friends are coming to Cape Verde in January, can you suggest some good restaurants?

Ans: Which island are they visiting?

Here's one included in a Google circulation of recent news and articles relating to Cape Verde, the question asked is pretty straight forward, but some answers with additional information may be unintentionally misleading, such as about the red light area near the market (I hazarded a guess about which market....but markets are on many islands, some with more than one market in different towns or villages). LINK: VISA-CRUISE-PASSENGERS ...... 

I know it will take time for people to become more aware of Cape Verde and learn about the different islands they can visit, which hotels are on which islands, about places of interest and more. It cuts both ways though, where more people need to learn more about Cape Verde and also for those who provide information, to help provide any information with a bit more thought...........hopefully I am on the right track, trying to practice what I preach.

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