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Wedding - Additional Services

Wedding extras and additional costs

The ceremony can be organised by us on the beach using our materials and equipment that we supply, hire, or are those provided by the hotels.

Making arrangements for after ceremony celebrations takes additional time discussing options or alternatives and liaising with couples and the venues.

Additional costs may be for:

  • - Additional organisational arrangements
  • - Additional service requirements
  • - Additional items or provisions

Our own ceremony set up can include:

  • - Our Wedding Arch, as in above photo gallery.
  • - Decorations for Wedding Arch or similar sized structure
  • - Artificial flowers for venue
  • - Artificial flowers - Bouquet
  • - Chair hire (numbers and venue limited)
  • - Chair covers
  • - Chair sashes
  • - Small Table and white cloth
  • - One bottle of sparkling wine
  • - Labour and transportation costs will depend on what is being provided or included.

There will be hire and/or purchase costs associated to some of the items above. If there is a need to import other items that you require, there will be additional costs for those.

Fresh flowers are imported by a Florist in Espargos, but they are expensive. You would need to liaise directly with the Florist in Espargos who speaks Portuguese.

We have a small range of artificial flowers and decorations here on Sal Island.

We would like those who wish to have confetti, use bio degradable paper, this will not contribute to plastic and foil already blown into the ocean, which sea life could potentially swallow!

Organisational costs

Our own additional organisation costs for a ceremony will depend on what you require us to organise and arrange. We have identified some prices for your consideration, however our organisational time may need to be added if additional work is required by us.

For example, we organise a number of Marriage Blessings or Love and Devotion ceremonies that just require us to provide a wedding arch and a Layperson/Pastor, others that sometimes require chairs and decorations. Then there are ceremonies where there is a request for after ceremony celebrations at the same venue, and/or at a second venue, these arrangements will take further time, planning and organisation.

We will work with you so that we can get a clearer picture of what you require so that we can assess the costs and agree the charges. If your requirements then change, there may be further cost implications.

Arches and Arbours

There are currently three different wedding arbour/arch at each of the venues we use. For practical reasons we may use the arbour provided at the venue.

  • Image 1. The medium sized wooden arbour at Bar da Praia.
  • Image 2. The arbour in centre image is only available when the hotel is not busy and has confirmed large groups (50-100)
  • Image 3. Our small white arch is used at Porto Antigo and Ponta Preta.

Bar da Praia - Medium sized arbourBeach Club - Large ArbourPorto Antigo - White Arch

Other things to consider with cost implications:

  • - Photographer (We may need to use another photographer if our regular photographer is not available, if this is the case we will inform you of their charges).
  • - Videographer (if one is on the island)
  • - Documents’ for Translation
  • - Translator for the Ceremony
  • - Transportation for couple
  • - Transportation for guests
  • - Venue for after ceremony drinks or meal - depends on requirements.
  • - Local Musicians – 4 musicians playing Acoustic Music (or other)
  • - Transportation for ceremonies to other venues further afield will be at a higher cost
  • - Any other equipment/services : quotes obtained and provided as necessary by/through us.


Prices quoted are for services and ceremonies held within six months of your initial enquiry.

We receive enquiries for up to 2years in advance.

Our prices and services will have changed during the two years. The costs are meant to provide you with an idea of what charges may be incurred.

If we have made arrangements for the ceremony and the ceremony is cancelled at short notice by yourselves for whatever reason, we may not be able to refund all the costs.

If you require our services we will need to arrange for a non-refundable booking fee and any amount to cover any initial purchases we need to make for your service.

Non-refundable booking fee

After the initial enquiry and interest in booking our services, we will require a non-refundable booking fee to reserve our services.

To access more information within the Secure Zone you will need to complete 'Wedding Enquiry Form - SAL':

Please use the form to contact us if you require further information.

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