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Investing - What lawyers are there on Sal Island?

Legal Services

We are not recommending any legal services. We only provide some information. A few of the services listed may also appear in other websites. A few may also listed in the British Embassy Notes.

Take a look at the website for John Howells and Associates (based in London) if looking at buying/investing in property on Cape Verde: http://www.lawoverseas.com/

Or : Neville de Rougemont and Associates : www.nevillederougemont.com

Sal :

A few other English speaking Lawyers contact email addresses on Sal:

Dra. Marizia Lopes :

E: marizialopes@cvtelecom.cv

(Offices at the airport and in Espargos).

D.Hopffer Almada and Associados (Espargos)

Jacqueline Duarte Silva

E: dha.geral@dhopfferalmada.cv

E: jaqueline.silva@dhopfferalmada.cv

Dra. Jaqueline Luz, Advogada (Espargos)

Ce Dula Profissional No. 140/04

email: luzdjackye@yahoo.com.br

or : luzdjackye@hotmail.com

Mobile : (00238) 9929103


E-mail: office@diaspereiracv.com

Amado and Medina :

Sal: Rua 3 de Agosto, nÂș 3 Espargos, Ilha do Sal

Tel: 00238 2412321

Fax: 00238 2412338

Email Address: amadomedina.advogadas1 @ gmail.com

SAMP (Espargos :

Salete Alves

Manuel de Pina

E: geralsamp@gmail.com

However, please do your own research on Lawyers. Speak to people who have used these and other Lawyers.

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