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Travel - How can we get a cat or dog back from Cape Verde to another country

If you want to take a dog or cat out of Cape Verde to another country it would be best to contact an organisation that helps treat animals in Cape Verde. They have trained Vets who would be able to provide more information.

Some countries may not allow an animal direct entry without quarantine, others will as long as you have all the documentation required to prove the animal has received all required vaccinations and fulfils the pet passport for entry for that country. More documentation is required in some countries than others.

Read more about neutering campaigns and contact info: 

1. https://www.tieraerztepool.de/project/en/sal

2. https://www.tieraerztepool.de/project/en/kapverden

3. https://www.tieraerztepool.de/en/contact 

LINK: Neutering Campaigns and Vets

LINK:  Expats Cape Verde - Pets 

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